What I’m wearing this week: kilts

I don’t tend to write fashion posts as I recognise that I’m no guru. However, it’s rare for me to feel that I am truly well-dressed which creates a pathological need to document it when it happens, hence the pictures on my phone, and this column. I know what you’re thinking, I can practically hear you rolling your eyes (is that a thing?), but I can assure you, this isn’t me being self-deprecating. My military-timed, 17 minute weekday morning routine doesn’t really allow for adventurous wardrobe experimentation and the times I’ve allowed it, well, let’s just say I’ve been likened to Charlie Chaplin in the past, on more than one occasion.

I’m really into kilts at the moment. This one is from American Apparel, where I rarely shop due to this but also quite like supporting because of this. It’s all very confusing. In any case, I like the cut and what is fashion if not turning a blind eye to the suffering of others. More on that in another post.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 22.51.18

A kilt can suit most purposes. Wear it like the scots with a sporran and no pants, short and 80s with leather accessories or contrasting with another bold print as I do here. The latter tends to be my chosen look but the joy of the kilt is its versatility which is not only timeless but transcends the generations. Under 20? You can wear a kilt. Over 60? There’s a kilt out there for you too.

Here, I team my kilt with a grey, cashmere knit, black tights and leopard boots, which is the combination I hoped to immortalise in writing this post. Team with trainers (I choose Converse but you don’t have to), t-shirt and sheepskin-lined denim jacket for a more casual pairing or with a black polo neck and knee high boots for a more sophisticated affair. However you wear it – relish in your good style. Reassure yourself – you really can’t go wrong in a kilt.